Always The Truth

Never Lies

But always the truth

comes out of an honorable man.


It Was Supposed To Be Sex Only

Does it have to be sex only?


We were supposed to be friends with benefits but what happened to that?

We weren’t supposed to fall in love, what happened to sex and fun only?

All I needed was someone to feel free around and be sensual with…

Falling in love wasn’t supposed to happen to us…staying out of love; definitely…

I’ve missed the point and she might hurt my feelings, she’s gonna walk out of my life…

I feel fear; I hear danger; It’s a mess; My anxiety level is high; God help me…

Sex and love aren’t for us, perhaps…sex…sex was meant to be…


Yes it’s better to play by the rules but falling in love with your friend along the way isn’t a bad thing, never assume and conclude on things you can’t control, don’t bother shutting love out of your heart, It creeps in when least expected. It’s a beautiful feeling but a…

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Five Post Ideas for Your Business Blog


Congratulations! You’ve created a business website to showcase your products and services to the world. Now it’s time to connect with your growing customer/fan base by committing to publish regularly on your blog. Not sure what to blog about? Here are five ideas — with a few samples — to kickstart your business blogging habit.

Start with the goods (and services!)

Never heard of an editorial calendar? Learn more.

What do you sell? Physical products? The time it takes you to provide a service? Even if you think your customers know exactly what they can get from you, it’s always good to remind them. Are you a woodworker selling homemade planters and outdoor furniture? Perhaps you’re a physical trainer who helps people get into shape. Write a post about the product or service you specialize in. What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Price? Quality? Exceptional…

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Chips Ahoy

Just as it is “Real Chocolate Chip Cookies”

When I deep this cookies into my mouth, all I can think of is the next one waiting up to be crushed. It’s affordable, has 25 percent less fat, very good for me and you. Chips Ahoy is all I can think of, obviously, I see them on the shelves and crave for the moment to be in the comfort of my home to devour them.

Eating cookies is fun. Happy Monday.